The Language

The official languages in Catalonia are Spanish (Castellano) and Catalan. Most road and transportation signs are in Catalan, but Spanish is also widely used. Any attempt by visitors to use the native languages is always appreciated by locals. Most locals are bilingual in Catalan and Spanish, and instinctively talk to foreigners in Spanish.


Catalan is a language, not a dialect, that sounds similar to Italian, Portuguese, and French.


In coastal areas of Catalonia, the city of Barcelona, and in larger cities such as Sabadell and Terrassa, nearly all shops and bars have some English-speaking staff. In general, people will make an effort to try to help you if you speak in English. If you are a native English speaker, you will not have any problems as Barcelona and the surrounding areas are very multicultural and multilingual.


English Spanish Catalan
Hello! Hola Hola
Good day Buenos días Bon dia
Good evening Buenas tardes Bona tarda
Good night Buenas noches Bona nit
Good bye Adiós Adeu
See you later Hasta luego Fins desprès
Please Por favor Si us plau
Thank you Gracias Gràcies / Merci
Yes Si Si
No No No
Of course Claro Es clar
Excuse me Perdona Disculpeu
I’m sorry Lo siento Ho sento
I don’t know No sé No ho se
Have a good holiday Qué tenga buenas vacaciones Que tingeu bones vacances
Where is Dónde esta On esta
How much is.. Cúanto cuesta… Quant es..
How do I get to Cómo se va a … Com puc anar a …
Help me please Ayúdame por favor Ajuda’m si us plau
I don’ speak Spanish/Catalan No hablo castellano No parlo català
Do you speak English? Habla usted ingles? Parla voste anglès?
I’m English / American Soy inglés / americano Soc anglès / americà
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