The Weather


Catalonia may be a fairly small region, but the climate varies greatly. The coastal provinces of Tarragona, Barcelona, and Girona enjoy a sunny and balmy Mediterranean climate. The climate further inland does not differ greatly from a standard Mediterranean climate, but in the mountainous areas of Catalonia, the climate verges on alpine.


A Mediterranean climate features dry and hot summers with pleasant sea breezes and a maximum temperature between 26 and 31°C. Winters range from cold to mild depending on the location. In the Pyrenees mountains, it snows frequently at lower altitudes, snow is rare but occasional. The region experiences the most rainfall during the spring and autumn. However, in the Pyrenees the summers can experience heavy storms.


The inland area of Catalonia sees hot, dry summers where the temperature can reach 35°C, and sometimes as high as 40ºC. The nights are cooler inland with an average temperature between 14 and 17°C.


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