When booking your family holiday accomodation, your options are limitless: travel agents, hotel packages, and discount websites abound and can potentially turn an enjoyable activity into a veritable reservation nightmare.

However, full-service villa rental agencies have entered the travel landscape and have rescued vacationers from deceitful property owners and misleading advertisements. See below for even more benefits to booking through an authorized villa rental agency.

  • Personal attention. Reserving a hotel room online is quick and convenient, but what happens when you have questions about your reservation and your only option is to send message using the ‘Contact Us’ form? At a private rental agency, there is an actual person on the other end of your phone call, as well as someone who reads and instantly responds to your e-mail requests. Instead of waiting for hotel or resort staff to weed through masses of messages, get an instant answer from the staff at an agency.
  • The right answers. Hotels and resorts have vital information on their websites, of course, but when you have a specific question about the room or the villa that you reserved, they might not always know the answer right away as they have hundreds of rooms through which to sift. Private agencies may have a large number of rentals, but you can be sure that they know their properties inside and out.


  • Continuous involvement. From the moment you send your first inquiry until the day you pack up and leave your villa, your reservations team will be there every step of the way to ensure that your vacation experience is everything your heart desires. Most agencies offer assistance with vehicle rentals, in-house catering, and organizing excursions like horseback riding and wine tastings.
Wine-tasting excursions.
Wine-tasting excursions.
  • A chance for deals. Because agencies have close relationships with the owners of the villas and properties, there is the possibility of negotiating rental prices through the agency. When making your reservation, be sure to ask about any current specials or extra services that can be compensated.