Although the city of Barcelona is easier to navigate than many other European cities, it is still easy to get lost among the labyrinth of pretty streets and the Modernist architecture. Your eyes can easily be averted from your route due to the many picturesque and ornate buildings, bustling bodegas, and luxury boutiques. However, before you run back to your Barcelona accommodation wondering where it all went wrong, try using these handy Spanish phrases which will help you get from A to B in no time at all.



If you do feel a little lost and have been wandering around for hours, there are easy phrases to help you get back on track. The simple “Where is” phrase is easy to remember and will ensure you reach your desired destination.

¿Dónde está?” – Where is…?

For example, you may be looking for the bus station to take a day trip out of the city or just to get from one neighbourhood to another. This is how you would ask for directions to the bus station.

¿Dónde está la estación de ferrocarril?

You can also substitute the word “ferrocarril” for “autobuses” if you prefer, as it may be easier to remember!

If you wish to catch a train, the easiest phrase to use in Barcelona is the name of the main train station itself, Barcelona Sants. The word for “train” is also super easy to remember: el tren.

What if you are seeking a specific landmark or street? Say you were looking for the Sagrada Familia Cathedral or Las Ramblas: You simply say ¿Dónde está La Sagrada Familia de Gaudi? or ¿Dónde está Las Ramblas?



Now the only problem you may encounter is when the Catalan person you asked for direction responds in Catalan. Once they realize you are a tourist, they usually will respond in Spanish rather than Catalan.

In response to your question “Where is Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia?” they may reply:

A la izquierda – to the left
A la derecha – to the right
Or la primera izquierda/derecha – the first left/right
Derecho – straight ahead
A la esquina – on the corner

They may even tell you how many blocks away it is: “una/dos/tres cuadras”, which means one, two or three blocks.

if you get really stuck, bring out a notepad and ask them to write numbers of buses/metro trams or even draw you a map. You could also take the easy way out and use a translation app on your mobile phone.

Other places you may be looking for during your city travels, especially if you don’t wish to cook in your Barcelona holiday rental. Use the same phrase again:

¿Dónde está un restaurante? … then add the name at the end.
It’s the same if you are looking for a specific street name “Donde esta la calle”? Or el Barrio Gótico if you are looking for the Gothic quarter.

Perhaps you need to withdraw some funds from the ATM: bank is easy to remember – the Spanish word is “el banco”.

If a local has been kind enough to take the time to stop and assist you on your holiday in Spain, don’t forget to say thanks: ¡Muchas Gracias!