What really makes Mallorca stand out on the cooking scene is their range of sweet treats which can be found in most bakeries. Don’t be surprised if you step out of your Mallorca holiday rental to find the air full of the sweet smell of baking.


These Spanish treats are a favourite on the island. They are shaped like a doughnut but made using potato dough, cooked in hot oil and then finished with a sprinkling of sugar. It is not unusual for the small villages in the ‘Les Verges’ weekend to be filled with the smell of these cakes cooking. They are available to purchase from most bakeries around this time.


This is without a doubt the most famous pastry that comes from Mallorca, with origins that can be traced back to the 17th century. It is spiral in shape, and made with flour, eggs, water, mother dough and saim. Today you can find a range of different varieties, with the pastries stuffed with anything from chocolate to pumpkin.


It is tradition for friends and family to gather during Easter week with their families to prepare Rubiols, which each family working from their own recipes. They can however, be found throughout the year. They are a crescent shaped pastry that traditionally are filled with cottage cheese, but today is common to find them filled with jams, pumpkin and chocolate.

Coca de Cuarto

This delicious cake is extremely light and fluffy, and is usually either eaten for breakfast or for afternoon tea, accompanied by almond ice cream or hot chocolate. Although a very traditional and simple recipe, many places have started to adapt the recipe to include additional flavours like orange chocolate.

Served in most local cafes or bakeries, it is worth venturing out of your Mallorca villa rental to sit outside a café in the sunshine to enjoy a baked delight and a cup of coffee.