Many people who have previously checking into 5-star hotel accommodations in Barcelona don’t even consider staying in a villa for their vacation. There are many myths about vacation rentals that holidaymakers consider including the quality, service, and cost of renting a luxury villa in Catalonia. Here are a few of the myths we will attempt to debunk regarding renting a villa in Spain.




Myth No. 1

Renting a villa is too expensive

This really depends on which company you employ to book your villa and how many people are in your traveling party. Think about the total cost of luxury hotel rooms for a family of 8 or 10: You will need at least four to five rooms, or more, and this can add up to a very expensive holiday. When you reserve a villa in Catalonia you pay a fixed price, per week, per fortnight or longer – not a per-person charge or a per-room, per-night charge. Do the math and look at how many people your chosen villa can accommodate. You won’t only have the bedroom space you need, you will also have an outdoor pool, barbecue, patios, and lounge areas which only have to be shared with your traveling party and nobody else.

Myth No. 2

You can’t beat 5-star hotel service

While it is true that 5-star hotels do provide an excellent service, it is also worth remembering that service has to be provided to every other customer staying in the resort at the same time as your party. Therefore, even with the best will in the world, things sometimes don’t get done when required.

With a dedicated villa company, you will have a representative assigned to your property for the duration of your stay. It is likely that your property manager will be based in the local area and know it like the back of their hand. They can provide private personal chefs, arrange cars rentals, book tickets for events, and organize activities for your traveling party. Also if you wish to host a special occasion during your stay they can put in the extra touches in place to make it unique. If you have guests who have specific dietary requirements it is easier to arrange a personal chef for your villa stay or cook the food yourselves than go through a complicated process of explaining this to a hotel and often with no guarantee that your dietary requirements have been adhered to.


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Myth No. 3
I know what I am getting with a hotel

If you book into a brand name hotel chain, it is highly likely you will know what you are getting. Villas, however, are unique you can choose one to suit your traveling party and your personalities. Villa companies only take on the best accommodations in prime locations so that each holidaymaker has a trip to remember.

Myth No. 4

What happens if something breaks in my villa during my stay?

Villa rental agents have property managers on call 24/7. If something does go wrong, you don’t have to suffer because it will be fixed as soon as possible. Think of the times you have stayed in a hotel and the room heating has been faulty or the shower hasn’t worked correctly: There isn´t always another room to transfer to because the hotel is full. With a villa rental in Spain you don’t have that problem as issues are addressed and fixed as soon as they are brought to the property manager´s attention.

If you do decide to rent a villa with private pool in Barcelona there are more positive aspects than you originally thought. The cost can be more competitive, special requests can be adhered to, you have full flexibility for dining and dietary requirements, and there is someone on call 24/7 just for you. You can’t ask for more than that.