The Costa Maresme coastline in Catalonia runs all the way from Barcelona to Blanes, a distance of roughly 31 miles in total. Along the coast, you’ll find a large number of resorts and luxury Spain vacation rentals, as well as many different sights and attractions. This makes the Costa Maresme coastline a top holiday destination for visitors who love the stunning scenery that this part of Catalonia has to offer.

What is the Costa Maresme Like?

Catalonia is famous for its fine beaches and old, cobbled villages, but the Costa Maresme is probably more diverse and varied than you might think! Some locations like Barcelona are very busy and hectic with a definite city vibe, but there are also a lot of beautiful, historic fishing towns, too. Another great thing about the Costa Maresme is that it’s a prominent wine-growing region, so there are plenty of vineyards dotted around the area. One of the best places for wine is Alella, which has its own Denominació d’Origen.

Places of Interest

Where should you rent a villa on the Costa Maresme? There are many places of interest along the coast, including Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia) and Mataró (the capital of the Costa Maresme region). If bustling cities aren’t quite your thing, there are plenty of other options such as the fantastic harbour town of Arenys de Mar, or the relaxing thermal spas of Caldes d’Estrac.

Which Costa?

A Costa Brava vacation rental, a Costa Dorada vacation rental, or a Costa Maresme vacation rental — which is better? While each section of coast has something different offer, the Costa Maresme is considered to be a ‘happy medium’ between the white sand beaches of the Costa Dorada (the Golden Coast), and the rocky landscape of the Costa Brava (the Rough Coast). It really is the best of both worlds!