Renowned artist Salvador Dalí was born in the town of Figueres in Catalonia, Spain. Despite stints in Madrid, Paris, and the United States, he always considered Figueres to be his home, and it’s here where he died in 1989. If you’re on holiday in Spain, it’s still possible to see some of Dalí’s local haunts, and it’s even possible to visit his final resting place at the Dalí Theatre and Museum. Here’s a guide to Dalí’s Figueres.


Salvador Dalí was born on 11th May 1904, and his childhood home still stands on Monturiol Street. You’ll know you’re at the right place because there is a small plaque on the property, which reads ‘en aquesta casa va neixer salvador dali dia 11 de maig de l’any 1904’, translated from Catalan as ‘in this house Salvador Dalí was born on May 11, 1904’. While Figueres is a quiet town, for Dalí fans this is perhaps even more exciting than any location in Barcelona.

Early Life

Dalí was baptised at the Church of Sant Pere de Figueres (St Peter’s Church, pictured above), which is the main church in town. While it may look impressive from the outside with its large bell tower, it is even more amazing inside, and it’s well worth popping your head in for a look. If you want to rent a house in Spain that’s close to Dalí-related sights and attractions, then this area, which is right in the heart of the town, is ideal because St Peter’s Church is very close to another important place: the Dalí Theatre & Museum (pictured below).


Whether you’re a fan of Dalí or not, if you’re staying in a Spain holiday rental in or near Figueres then it’s definitely worth taking the time to visit the Dalí Theatre & Museum. The museum houses the world’s biggest collection of Dalí works, including sculptures, collages, and even mechanical devices! There are also some works by other Catalan artists, too, highlighting the importance of visual arts in Catalonia. Dalí himself is buried in a crypt beneath the centre of the museum, which is open for public visits.